在今天的文章中,我将介绍26条写博客的技巧. Some of these tips are tribal knowledge, whereas others are more SEO focused.

重申一下为什么写博客对你的生意有好处 SO important:

  • 这是一个建立品牌意识的好方法.
  • It’s a great way to build links and improve your site’s visibility in the search engines.
  • 这是教育人们并与他们建立信任的好方法——这有助于建立客户基础!

So without wasting any more time, let’s get down to brass tacks!

1. 减少页面加载时间


Page loading problems can be attributed to technology issues (your web server, too many file requests, code density, large image files, or an outdated CMS).



  • 手机、平板电脑和台式电脑
  • Windows浏览器(Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Mac浏览器(Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

Do some homework and check out your blog on multiple devices. If you are with a friend or family member, use their mobile phone to check your website or blog. 这是一个很好的习惯.

如果你的博客加载缓慢, then you will have to do some investigative work to see what is causing the problem, 有一些很棒的免费工具,比如, Pingdom Tools, Gtmetrix and 谷歌页面速度洞察 帮助您找到所有与页面加载速度有关的问题.

To reduce the image size on your website blog or website you can use this plugin 或者你也可以使用免费的网络服务 Tiny Jpg as suggested by google.

2. 在你自己的域名上托管图像

Now, 如果交通拥堵的话, this might not work as well as using a content delivery network (CDN). 但是对于那些每天访问量少于5万的网站来说,你应该可以拥有自己的图片.

我建议你自己托管图片的原因是,如果它们存在于你自己的域名上,你会得到更多的SEO“信誉”. Think about it this way: people will link to your images. But if they are linking to an image on a CDN, then the CDN gets the link juice.

This becomes a more serious issue if you are doing infographics. You are going to want to make sure you get all the link juice possible for your infographics. 记住,反向链接对你的SEO工作是至关重要的.

有一些方法可以让你的图片看起来像是来自你的主网站的子域名. 但为了保证100%的安全,最好还是自己托管图像.

3. 不要不关注你所有的链接

don't nofollow

Using no-follow links in your comments is still a very good idea. 评论垃圾邮件发送者从来没有这样做过. 我实际上会考虑手动审核你的评论,因为它开始失控了.

However, the content and images you link to within your post should be followed. 不要担心泄露太多链接汁. Stop being greedy and help support the internet the way it was meant to be.

通过让搜索引擎跟踪你的链接, 他们会对如何对你的内容进行分类有更好的想法,这样你就能获得更多的相关流量. By plugging up your links, you are reducing their ability to do their jobs. 如果你帮助他们,他们会为此奖励你!

4. 添加图像、视频和其他形式的媒体内容

One way to increase the power of your posts is to add images, videos, 以及其他形式的媒体内容. 添加这些额外的内容将使你的页面在人类访客和非人类访客(搜索引擎)眼中都显得更加圆角。.

包括图片和视频以及优秀的文本内容的帖子提供了更丰富的阅读体验,通常有更高的信息密度. By doing this, 你会逐渐让你的读者相信你有一些有价值的东西要说——这意味着他们回复的机会更少.

Also, 通过添加额外的视频和图像内容,搜索引擎会有更多的材料来告诉他们你的页面是关于什么的, and hopefully, 将你的内容在搜索引擎中排名更高!

关于视频的另一个很棒的事情是,它们通常会增加访问者停留在页面上的时间, 这显然在很多方面帮助了你的博客.

5. 添加Alt标签描述到您的图像


An often overlooked mistake is not filling in your alt tags for your images. 这些是小片段,你可以嵌入你的图像标签源代码,描述图像是关于什么的. And of course, this brings in more search engine traffic.

网页上的每个图像都可以有一个alt标签. Here are some quick tips to help you get the most bang out of your images:

  • 每个图像只包含一个alt标签.
  • Do not repeat alt tag descriptions across your blog or website.
  • 不要关键字stuff你的alt标签(e.g., alt=“cheap toys, great toys, best toys, fun toys, toys,”).
  • Do not write long descriptions in your alt tags – keep them short and concise.
  • 命名您的图像文件的名称,如您的alt文本. (e.g., my-great-photo.jpg).
  • Captions also help tell the search engines what the post is about.

6. 不要过多谈论你的公司

这是一个常见的新手错误. 大多数新博客通常会发表以下文章:

  • 新闻稿类型的故事
  • Office events
  • Annual celebrations
  • New features
  • Case studies

这种内容的问题是,大多数读者对这些信息不感兴趣,因为它们很少能帮助他们解决问题或了解特定的主题. 记住,最好的博客 teach.

如果你能快速突出新功能的价值,并展示一些令人惊叹的实例,我建议你发布一些新功能. Even though the article might not get a lot of page views, tweets, shares or whatever, 它会到达一些认为这些信息有用的人那里——而这些人是非常重要的,要与他们保持联系.

7. 总是回应评论

One reason you should respond to comments is because it adds more content to your posts, 这对你的长尾SEO有帮助吗. Additionally, 你的网站更改得越频繁, the more Google comes back to your site to keep up to date (psst让你的网站对谷歌显得很重要).

您可能见过这样的博客,评论者创建的内容几乎超过了文章本身的内容. 想想所有额外的搜索词和短语,这些词和短语将会出现在额外的内容中!

Finally, 想想看:有多少次您搜索某个问题的解决方案,并在一篇文章的评论部分找到了它?

8. 远离垃圾评论!

keep comment spam away

Spend some time each week going through your blog comments to see if any fishy links appear. Usually comments that are short and don’t add any value to the conversation are spam.

Another thing you need to watch out for is comments that appear on old posts. 卑鄙的评论垃圾邮件制造者会把你的旧材料作为目标, 希望你不会看到他们新的垃圾评论. You might want to consider closing comments on older posts to keep them away, but I don’t recommend it.

Additionally, it appears that 90% of trackbacks and pingbacks are spam. 它们刚问世时,这是个很棒的主意, but these days you might want to turn off trackbacks and pingbacks in your settings.

9. 让你的社交媒体按钮可见

我知道这很明显, but I encourage you to test out placing your buttons in different locations around your pages. I would even encourage you to put them at the top and the bottom of your posts.

Consider allowing a “share-bar” to scroll with the page as the reader reads the post. That way, 社交媒体按钮总是可见的,无论读者在页面的哪一部分(顶部, middle, bottom).

Also, consider using only the social media buttons that work the best for you. Including all of the social media site buttons on your share bar will clutter your page.

10. Blog Frequently

经常写博客很重要,因为它会告诉搜索引擎定期访问你的网站. It basically says, “We’re not some stale site that is unimportant and never gets updated.“你想让你的博客变得重要和相关.

And there is an interesting correlation between post frequency and traffic:


Image (Source)

As, you can see from the chart above, blogs that post more often get more traffic. And the sites that can produce 16 or more posts a day get a lot more traffic. Perhaps that is because those are more “news” type sites.

But blogging frequently and consistently is the only way to build a real readership. If you’re posting rarely and randomly throughout the year, 很有可能你永远都不会有一个忠实的追随者.

11. 创造原创内容,不要泄露

There have been a lot of talk about the detriments of duplicate content on the internet. Not only it is important to write your own unique content, but be very careful of over syndicating your content as well.

First of all, 当涉及到搜索引擎优化时,从其他网站复制内容是一个被踢到后面的好方法. Your sole goal should be to be a thought leader, educator, and purveyor of original ideas.

Also, people will contact you to ask if they can use your content on their blog. On one hand, 这是一个简单的链接构建策略, but on the other hand, 你在淡化自己的内容. I say it’s O.K. to let other blogs use your content once in a while, so long as they are an authoritative site.

12. Write Long Posts

如果你点击了一个诱人的标题,却看到了一个非常短的帖子(一个不会在页面折叠下方的帖子), 你通常会因为信息的缺乏而感到失望. At least, I know I am.

Longer posts generally appear to have more details and important information. Also, search engines will have a better idea of what the post is about, 特别是当你链接到更多相关的资源,并有大量的文本内容供他们咀嚼的时候.

It does not mean to add irrelevant stuff to your post, but add value, keep it relevant.


13. 手动在社交媒体上分享你的内容

They say that your tweets and Facebook shares go farther if you manually tweet them. That means log into Facebook and Twitter and post updates.

It’s easy to load your updates in automated software and forget about it. But the best headlines and authentic updates happen in real time! The point of social media is to be social and to be an active participant on social platforms. So check in once a day and see what’s happening – this is where the magic happens.

14. 写Link-Worthy内容

This is a no brainer. Again, it’s easy to re-hash content that has already been created. Every time you sit down to prepare a post, ask “What will make this link-worthy?” I guarantee you the more you make this a habit, the further your blog will go!


  • Write on breaking news subjects in your industry, but add value and takeaways. 教给你的读者一些东西!
  • 有争议性(稍后再谈……).
  • Educate, and make what you are trying to explain as easy as possible to understand.

15. 找到你的出版时间的最佳点

你很容易养成定期发布和传播内容的习惯. But what if you’re pushing your content out at the wrong time of day?

Unfortunately, 只有一种方法可以知道什么时候最适合你发布和分享你的内容,那就是仔细地记录数据,找出最适合你的时间.

16. Link To Older Posts

One of the main reasons for linking to older posts is to boost up the SEO of your older posts. 这是一个很好的方式来加强锚文本的内容,你想为某些关键字排名. It’s also a great way to keep readers on your site longer.

As your blog grows, these links will increase in power because of wonderful benefits that happen to blogs that age:

  • The older a website or blog gets, the more trust it earns in the search engines.
  • The longer your posts are up, the more links they generally acquire. These links help boost your internal links to your other posts.
  • 随着你博客访问量的增长, your site architecture reinforces your internal links and adds power (more “link juice”).

17. 更新你的博客软件

blogging software

Image (source)

Update your blog software, especially if you are using WordPress. The main reason to do this is to fix security vulnerabilities. The last thing you want is to get your blog hacked and lose all your hard work.

18. Kill Duplicate Content

Let me define what I mean by duplicate content first before I go any further. 您应该关注的重复内容实际上是:在多个URL上重复多次的任何机器可读文本段落.

许多博客内容管理系统(如.g. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla) will automatically make duplicate content. Most of this duplicate content will be generated in the form of comments, archives, and category pages.

解决这个问题的一个简单方法是通过添加meta标签或在机器人中排除它们来阻止搜索引擎访问这些页面.txt file.

For WordPress users Yoast SEO plugin makes the job easier.

19. 做首席执行官的博客和推特

If your CEO happens to be well connected and has a lot of followers, the CEO’s content might be some of the most link-worthy content that you can generate. It’s great for getting links from reputable news sources and stirring up buzz. 考虑这些目标:

  • 确保他们分享自己的内容. If you can, try to get them to update their social profiles daily with your blog content.
  • 尽量让整个团队共享内容. There might be a lot of resistance at first, but try to explain the benefit to them.
  • Finally, 确保你的创始人意识到社交提及, hashtags, and other online social cues that facilitate staying connected on the social web. 并非所有的商业领袖都是社交媒体专家.

Of course, your CEO’s time should be weighed here, but consider the potential. 本着测试的精神——它总是值得一试的.

20. Be Controversial

Play this card carefully, but this is another great way to get more backlinks. A lot of information on the internet tends to get re-hashed over and over again. 所以如果你真的想让你的博客出名, it’s a good exercise to be controversial once in a while.

21. 优化你博客的页面SEO能力



  • Your blog architecture
  • H1和H2子标题的使用
  • 你的标题标签和元描述.

一定要尽早把它搞定. You’ll get more gains out of your blog if you take care of it now.

22. 把你的段落分成更小的块

I’m sorry, but I don’t have awesome scientific evidence to support this particular claim.

My assumption is that people are scared of the thickness. 他们认为阅读如此密集的段落是一件苦差事.

It makes sense when you think about how most of us read internet content: we scan. 更小的段落更容易浏览. 人们试图尽可能快地消化信息,所以当你写作的时候想想这一点.


  • Use bullets instead of long strings of words separated by commas.
  • 段落不要超过4个句子.
  • 确保副标题的字体要大.

23. 尽量不要使用常规摄影

stock photos

没有什么比照片更能“填充”内容了. Stock photos can stain your content and make it look unprofessional.

在博客文章中使用图片的黄金法则是: use only images that add value or help illustrate a point.

Obviously, infographics are a great example of an image that adds value. Diagrams, charts, and any other images that serve a purpose should be used in your blog article.

24. 把重点和提示用粗体字体

Sadly, most people are not going to read every word of your beautiful prose. In order to give the casual scanner value, emphasize your important points in bold typeface.

这样做还有第二个好处:搜索引擎会给你更多的考虑加粗的关键字. But, of course, don’t go crazy by bolding too many words and sentences. 只在有意义的地方这样做.

25. 给你的副标题编号

如果你要写" 50件这样的事, that, or the other,"把每件物品从1到50编号, 如果能配上标题就更好了. (例如:“购房者应该注意的22件事.”)

Numbering your posts helps when you want to refer to a previous point, and it just “feels” logical when you read a post that has X number of tips, hints, or points. And if you don’t number ‘em, your reader will wonder why you didn’t.

Also, be sure to count your subheadings to make sure you are not missing anything. 我犯过几次这样的错误!

26. 备份你的博客数据库

没有什么比失去你所有的博客条目更糟糕的了. At any moment your database can be corrupted or a hacker can potentially wipe out your blog. 所以确保你知道如何备份你的博客数据库.


  • Call your web host. There is a chance that they have a stored backup of your content.
  • 转到谷歌并找到所有索引的内容. 您可以复制和粘贴任何已缓存的内容. Just click on the arrow icon that comes up next to your URL in the Google search results page. 你会在右边看到一个“缓存”的链接.
  • You can use the “Way Back Machine,” and hopefully, they have your content stored in their index.
  • 如果你能检索到你的很多内容, try to restore your blog using the same URLs you used before. If not, use Google Webmaster Tools to see what your old URLs were. 谷歌网站管理员工具会通知你他们找不到的url -确保301重定向那些url一旦你有你的内容回到原位.

27. 额外建议——联系任何你有联系的人

A great way to spread your content further is to contact blogs, websites, 和你联系过的作者. Nothing is more flattering than knowing that someone has cited your work.

When contacting them, just thank them for their work and ask for a tweet. Don’t be pushy – what you are really doing is relationship building. 如果他们没有把你的链接发布出去,不要生气——只要知道你已经在社交上迈出了重要的一步.

It may be tedious, but it’s wise to keep a spreadsheet of all the people you contact throughout the years.

That’s All Folks!

我肯定你有我漏掉的一些技巧. 请在下面的评论中告诉我!