Outstanding copy is the solution to gaining higher conversions.

But like so much of conversion optimization and digital marketing, outstanding copy is not easy to produce.

A lot of the writing advice that I read and study isn’t very helpful. It blows out huge lists of must-haves that I can’t keep track of. Plus, 几乎每一篇关于这个问题的文章都有一大段篇幅讨论正确放置逗号的重要性, and a million rules on hyphenation.


I’m not going there. 相反,我想告诉你高转化率文案的四个绝对要点. If you forget everything else that you read, don’t forget these four. If you can get these four characteristics in place, then you’re well on your way to producing high-converting copy.

1. High-converting copy is clear.


Be clear. Be as clear as you possibly can. Sacrifice everything for clarity.

Clear copy has the most compelling power. Clarity is more important than humor, more important than interest, more important than grammatical perfection, more important than anything.

我大胆地说,高转换量的拷贝甚至可能是 boring. Is that okay? Yes, it’s okay. Why? Because more than anything else, you need clarity.


  • Users need to understand what your product/service is. In order to tell them what it is, you need to have clear copy.
  • Users need to understand what your product/service can do. 产品的特性是客户最初感兴趣的主要原因. You need to clearly explain each feature.
  • Users need to understand the benefits of your products. 你的福利越好,你销售产品的可能性就越大. Product or services benefits are crucial. But if you can’t explain them clearly, you’re sunk.

Clarity is all about understanding. Users need to understand.

用户能够理解的唯一方法是你的副本是否清晰. Too often, 我曾见过一些人为了表现得可爱而妥协了一些本来很明显的内容, interesting, engaging, or whatever else.

Don’t even try. Instead, pursue clarity above all else. It’s conversions you’re after, not creativity or cuteness.

One way that you can be clear is by being specific.

2. High-converting copy is casual.

Creating casual copy sounds easy.

Just write the way you speak!

Use simple words!

Make it simple!

Be direct!

It sounds easy, but it’s actually pretty hard to do. Most people sit down, place their fingers on the keyboard, stare at the screen, and get all formal-sounding. It’s weird.

Maybe it’s a hangover from essay-writing college days or something.

银河至尊游戏官网必须学会摆脱拘谨正式的写作习惯. No one likes to read a landing page that sounds like an essay.

也许人们用正式文体写作的一个原因是他们认为自己听起来更有能力, professional, or sophisticated. The problem is, big words and complex vocabulary don’t make you sound smarter.

In an article published in Applied Cognitive Psychology在美国,研究人员发现“复杂性和判断力智力之间存在负相关关系。.”


You won’t sound smarter by using big words and complex arguments. In fact, you might sound dumber.


  • It’s okay to break some grammatical rules. Like incomplete sentences.
  • It’s okay to use contractions.
  • Talk to the reader. Refer to them as “you.”
  • Try dictating your copy rather than typing it. Pretend you’re telling a friend about your business and start talking.
  • Use expressions, colloquialisms, or slang — “You know,” “It’s like,” “I’m thinking,” “What’s up with that?” “Gimme a break,” etc. Mild profanity might work for the right audience.

Manwich sends a macho vibe with their copy. It’s pretty casual.

manwich website copy

人们会更好地与谈话性和随意性的文案联系在一起. It’s way more appealing, engaging, and readable.

3. High-converting copy uses killer headlines.

The fact of Internet readers is that they scan for information. Very few users actually read an entire page from top to bottom. Instead, the user’s eyes flit from headline to headline.

80% of your page visitors will read the headline. It had better be good.

Headlines are important.

But why use only one headline? Why not break up your content with a bunch of headlines? As long as you space them out, size them appropriately, and back them up with great content, then you can use as many headlines as you want.

标题,尤其是短小精悍的标题,具有令人费解的力量. You notice it. You comprehend it. And it helps you convert.

MediaFire’s parallax landing page has a headline for each section. It’s perfect for grabbing attention at every step of the way.

importance of headline in copywriting

4. High-converting copy is scannable.

Good writers will create copy that is scannable. 这是本文中最长的部分,因为我必须解释一些事情. Scannable copy isn’t just about breaking things up visually. 这是一种具有自己特点的写作方法.

It has short words.


Your big words will alienate your readers. 超过三个音节或十个字母的单词很难咀嚼. 如果有一些你的听众熟悉的长单词,那就继续写下去.

例如“优化”是一个巨大的12个字母和5个音节, but it’s a familiar word in the SEO industry. That’s okay, as long as you’re speaking to an SEO-savvy audience.

But other than that, keep your words short and sweet.

ZenDesk uses a brilliantly simple site design for their homepage. 最长的单词是“美极了”,这很简单,因为长单词是这样的.


hompage copywriting

It uses short sentences.

After a sentence crosses the 15 word line, readers tune out. Long sentences with lots of extra phrases are hard to digest. The most readable sentences have 10-15 words. This is the best structure: Subject – Verb – Direct Object.


Banana Republic’s landing page has copy that is scanable at a glance. 你马上就能知道他们在说什么,尽管严格来说这些都不是完整的句子.

ad copy writing example


It contains plenty of visuals.

Pictures are just as important as words. 然而,要记住的是,图像与视觉效果是相结合的. Images and visuals are not two separate things. 它们之间存在着一种显著的共生关系,这种共生关系比它们各自部分的总和还要大.

视觉效果是一种将内容分割成不同部分的自然方式. 眼睛可以从一个拷贝块移动到一个视觉块,给他们一个“休息”.” Then, they can look back at the copy, back to an image, etc.


Zoho CRM’s landing page visuals to amplify their product. 很难用软件来绘制图像,所以他们改用这种风格的图像:

Zoho Hompage copywriting example

It uses bullet points and numbered lists.

Here’s why you need to use bulleted points and numbered lists:

  • They’re short
  • They’re powerful.
  • They’re direct.
  • They’re easy to scan.

Plus, bullets and lists are easy to use just about anywhere.

It contains headlines and subheads.

Big blocks of text grab attention. For example, when you look at this landing page for TeamGantt, you instantly see the headline, and the bulleted list.

use of sub heading in web copy

The great thing about this particular landing page, though, 是不是因为它有很多这样的章节,每个章节都有一个标题, a distinct background, and containing other subheads.

Here’s another section of the landing page:

another copy example

注意副本如何使用粗体标题、图像和简短的文字介绍. 对于浏览的读者来说,他们会立即被标题吸引住,然后继续阅读. 越感兴趣的读者可能会花时间阅读每一段.

It is broken up with plenty of white space.

The example above is a good example of the use of negative space. There’s lots of it.

There’s no magic ratio of white space to content. 需要记住的主要事情是,用户应该能够轻松地跟踪内容的进展. The more white space, the better.

注意星巴克的登陆页面是如何使用空白的(即使它不是白色的). White space drives your attention directly to the copy.

starbucks longform page

It uses the right words in the right places.

事实上,用户浏览意味着他们只看一些单词而不看其他单词. 因此,熟练的文案会在恰当的地方使用最重要的词语.

  • Use the most important words. 使用能够在深层次和直观层面上与用户产生联系的词语. At the most obvious level, 使用用户期望和/或在登录页面上寻找的关键字. 例如,如果用户正在寻找“咖啡研磨机”,那么您的页面将包含这些单词. But you need to go a step further with this. If the user is looking for a coffee grinder, then they are also looking for other features: “Burr grinder,” “High-quality,” “Fast,” “Easy-to-use,” “Clean,” “Efficient,” “Safe,” “Guarantee,” “”Espresso grind,” “French press grind,” etc. These words are also very important, and need to be featured.
  • Place these words in the right places. 如果用户沉浸其中,他或她会几乎自动地看到这些词. 大脑可以接收单词,甚至不需要尝试就能将它们呈现在银河至尊游戏官网的意识前面. 这是因为大脑可以在1/300秒内从视觉上感知一个单词及其含义, according to a report from the Association for Psychological Science. 这些单词在页面上的位置对这种情况的发生有很大的影响. 当你开始创建你的副本时,请按照以下方式使用这些最重要的词:
    • Bold faced
    • Italicized
    • Underlined
    • Highlighted
    • Different colored
    • At the beginning of the sentence
    • At the end of a sentence
    • In a headline
    • In a bulleted list
    • In a numbered list

Any one of these will make that word more visually important. 这样,它将更容易抓住读者的注意力和兴趣.

Simplehuman, a producer of household goods, uses a green font face to emphasize the word “germs” below.

the-germs-stop-here webcopy

CrazyEgg uses the same technique with their landing page. 为了强调自己30天的试用,这篇文字是另一种颜色.

a copy writing example from crazy egg的确,大多数读者并不是什么都读,但这并不意味着你可以忽略质量. If only 16% of your readers are engaged, that’s still a lot of users, a lot of conversions, and a lot of potential.


If you can improve your copy, you can improve your conversions. It’s just that simple.

写出更好的文案不一定是一门复杂的科学,也不一定是一个遥不可及的目标. You need to work towards these characteristics:

  • Be clear.
  • Be casual.
  • Use awesome headlines.
  • Make your copy scannable.

What changes will you be making to your copy?