How many times have you Googled something and your search results have little to no content below the link?

Yeah, that’s the meta description. And every website should have one.

If you have a website, then meta descriptions should matter to you.

Even if you don’t personally 有一个网站,简单地在线浏览,元描述应该仍然对你重要吗.

A meta description is a website’s final attempt to get your attention and seal the deal with a click-through.

元描述不仅仅是链接获得访问的最后一搏, 但这也是许多数字营销人员忽略的搜索引擎优化的一个因素.



Thankfully, adding meta descriptions is simple. Writing good meta descriptions that help SEO is the tougher part — but it can get easier with help and a little practice.

I’ll explain exactly how.

Meta descriptions explained

元描述是显示在搜索结果中每个链接下面的文本片段. It is the HTML element that provides more information about a website to search engines and searchers.

Why do meta descriptions exist?

Well, they serve a couple purposes. They describe the contents of a web page to the searcher while simultaneously convincing and persuading the searcher to click the link.

Meta descriptions play a big role in search results.

Any words that match the search query are made bold in the description.

They also serve as a sort of advertisement for that specific website, 为搜索者提供一个简短的一瞥,他们可以通过点击获得或看到什么.

See the below example of search results for “SEO in 2018.”



You will see that some included the bold words from the search query, and others are simply the first few words of the website or blog post.


当人们在网站和社交媒体渠道上分享内容时,它们也会出现. 而搜索结果和SEO在这个特定的例子中并不相关, 写得好的元内容仍然会鼓励在社交媒体和外部网站上开放.

And click-throughs on social media, while not technically recorded by Google or Bing, will still contribute to a site’s overall traffic, relevance, and publicity.


The importance of meta descriptions

A meta description is your website’s last sales pitch to a searcher. 这是提高有机搜索点击率的最重要的功能.

Meta descriptions are a major tool that searchers use to decide which search results will be the most helpful, relevant, and authoritative.

They are also super important for search engine optimization–but not in the way that you may think.

It is important to point out that meta description content is not factored into search results. So it’s not necessary to put keywords into your meta description.

但让银河至尊游戏官网退一步考虑,不仅仅是搜索引擎的行为,还有人类的行为. Meta description content may not influence the search engine algorithm, but click-through rate does.

That’s right. Google is actively measuring — and factoring in — user behavior when it comes to search results.

There are so many factors that go into ranking a website; it’s easy to forget that human activity is constantly being analyzed and considered.

Kind of makes you think about the way you conduct searches, doesn’t it?


Do they appeal to a computer or a person? 内容的安排是为了吸引算法的注意力还是为了吸引人的眼球?

Meta descriptions may not directly benefit SEO, but click-through rates do, and meta descriptions help get clicks.

And the more people that click on your link, the better the content will perform in search results.

Now, for any search engine results page, it is not a given that every searcher will scroll all the way to the bottom — not to mention clicking over to a second or third page.

In fact, 向下移动结果页面时,点击百分比会逐渐减少,因为, logically, the more relevant and reliable links are already situated at the top.

At least, that’s what the average searcher assumes.

If your website is located further down the first page, or even on the second, you are already working with less than your competitors.

This makes a concise, persuasive meta description all the more crucial to that link’s success.

But those results that fall at the top don’t necessarily have their work cut out for them, either. 排名靠前并不能保证点击率.

Providing a high-quality meta description will ensure that a searcher doesn’t go scrolling for another result.

Relevant results encourage clicks. 元描述帮助搜索者理解为什么你的链接是最相关的, helpful, trustworthy option.


Here’s how to add — and write — killer meta descriptions that convert search queries to surefire clicks.

How to write meta descriptions

For now, head over to your website’s HTML and take a look at the section. It’ll look similar to this.

To add a meta description to the site, 插入内容旁边(你猜对了)的HTML代码说“内容=”.

Regardless of what content management system you use, you should have complete control over what your meta descriptions say.

The especially goes for WordPress, whose backend platform makes it easy to alter this information.

If you use an SEO plugin like Yoast, 您可以将元描述添加到标记为“meta description”的部分中。. You can even preview how it will look in the SERPs.

Now that we have the technical how-to out of the way, 让银河至尊游戏官网回顾一些关于编写吸引搜索者注意力的元描述的技巧, wrangle a click-through, and boost your SEO.

At its core, writing a great meta description isn’t all that different from writing great sales copy. 这是一种简明的说服练习,旨在推销链接之外的任何东西.


你添加到元描述中的每一个单词都应该用于产生点击, while still maintaining factual accuracy to meet expectations.

这可能需要练习,但对于网站的整体健康来说,这是值得的. 值得庆幸的是,改变你网站的元描述是相当容易的.

If you test one meta description and don’t love how it performs, you can simply head back to the HTML and try a new one.

If you’re overwhelmed about where to start, prioritize your homepage and most important pages, like your product pages, top blog posts, or About page.

Get a feel for writing meta descriptions, and then take the time to fill them out for the rest of your website.

Now, let’s dive into how to write up meta descriptions that are clear, helpful, and persuasive.

Be specific and relevant, including the focus keyword.

Within your meta description, 你基本上有两到三句话来说服人们点击. So every word in your meta description matters.

Nowadays, the average searcher will recognize a generic, fluffed-up meta description from a mile away.

They will also most likely ignore that sort of description for one that better suits their search query.

Use your meta description to further connect with the target audience of your website or blog post link. Use relevant language that will appeal to them and be specific about what your website offers.

Layer your focus keyword into your meta description authentically. (That means don’t repeat it multiple times or throw in a few different variations for the sake of better SEO.)

Search engines will often bold the words in your meta description that correspond to a searcher’s query. This makes it easier for a searcher to see exactly how your website aligns with what they have searched.

Use action-oriented language, with a call-to-action.

Great sales copy always includes present-tense, actionable language. Your meta description should read no differently.

Use the meta description to describe exactly 你想要搜索者做什么,或者当他们点击你的链接时到底会发生什么.

Give the searcher a clear picture of what lies beyond the link.

Consider starting with words like “Learn,” “Discover,” “Experience,或“阅读”,这样搜索者就能清楚地知道你的网站提供了什么. This may also inspire new actions beyond the searcher’s original query.

Provide a solution or benefit.

Think about why people make searches online. 最有可能的是,他们想要研究、购买、学习或阅读一些东西,对吧?

Your meta description should serve as the “Ah-ha — found it!” moment for a searcher.

How can your website give them what they’re looking for? How do they benefit by clicking on your link? 在你的搜索结果之外,哪些东西可以在某种程度上对他们有益或有帮助?

Use your meta description to answer these questions. 这些信息在与其他博客或网站竞争时特别有价值.

如今,大多数搜索查询的结果是多个提供类似内容的站点. What makes your website different, and how can you use this information to entice a click-through?

Keep it short and sweet.

Good digital marketers recognize that, as humans, we have the attention span of a goldfish — eight seconds, to be exact.

You should remember this in any circumstance that involves writing content to persuade or sell, especially when crafting your meta descriptions.

Don’t assume that searchers will take the time to review all meta descriptions on the search engine results page.

Choose each word wisely, 知道人们很可能会在浏览页面之前浏览你的描述.

Another important thing to recognize is that Google cuts off meta descriptions that are too long. There have been reports of Google testing snippets of longer length,但大约130-160个字符是安全的长度(130个字符是移动友好的).


Don’t deceive, but inspire curiosity.

你可能会认为为了获得点击而美化你的元描述是个好主意. 谁在乎一个搜索者是否会停留在你的网站上,只要他们先点击进入?

Not a stellar strategy.

If you’re not truthful about what a searcher can expect from your link, he or she probably won’t hesitate to hit that “back” button.

And too many quick exits can hurt your site’s bounce rate — and, more importantly, the searcher’s trust in your content.

Be honest and clear about the content of your website.

Don’t stuff your meta description full of keywords, either. Instead, consider asking a question that contains a couple of keywords.

在不泄露信息的前提下,提供足够的(真实的)链接信息. Inspire a click-through with curiosity — not deception.

Good and not-so-good examples of meta descriptions

Need real examples of the above criteria? Below we’ll cover some good and not-so-good meta descriptions based on a few popular search queries.

让银河至尊游戏官网回顾一些与在线营销相关的流行搜索查询的结果, starting with good examples.

“How to build backlinks”

This meta description is short, but includes the focus keyword (“backlinks”) and utilizes words like “little-known” and “never seen” to inspire curiosity.

这个元描述很强大,因为它提到了构建反向链接的好处. 它还准确地解释了搜索者在点击链接时会看到什么.

bluleadz backlinks meta description

“What is white hat SEO”

This meta description not only employs an actionable word (“learn”) but also explains the benefit of learning white hat techniques and how they can help your website.

seo whitehat meta description

This meta description uses a question to grab the searcher’s attention and then provides a clear solution that outlines the contents of the website, including action words like “teach” and “execute.”

whitehat seo backlinko meta description

“Content marketing best practices”

This meta description spreads out the focus keywords so that more of the content is made bold, increasing its chances of being noticed. It also mentions both B2B and B2C, 哪个会增加从点击中受益的观众数量.

whitehat seo backlinko meta description

This meta description, although short and cut off at the end, 提供了一个简洁的好处的内容营销,并解释了网页包含什么.

Sometimes, an ellipses at the end of a meta description can help inspire curiosity and garner a click-through.

oberlo meta description serp


“How to build backlinks”

It’s clear that this website doesn’t have a meta description because it simply repeats the headline and dives right into the first line of the content, providing no preview or enticing language.

Forgetting to include a meta description leaves your website open to random and irrelevant meta content. Searchers will recognize when you’ve neglected it.


“What is white hat SEO”

Although this meta description is interesting and personable, it lacks relevance and focus keywords. In fact, it’s more likely to appear in results for “black hat SEO” given that keyword is mentioned twice.

在这种情况下,元描述可以与电子邮件的主题行相比较. Using something unique and fun can help grab attention, but going too far outside the line can just be plain confusing.


“Content marketing best practices”

本元描述不包括任何与网站标题相关的信息, nor does it feature any focus keywords.

This may be another case of a neglected meta description, leaving it open to capturing the first few lines of content.

In this case, 这是一个糟糕的举动的网站, especially since it’s featured on the third page of search results.



While your meta descriptions may not have a direct effect on your SEO, 它们在解释你的网页内容和获得点击率方面扮演着重要的角色.

添加它们很简单,但要把它们写好就有点困难了. Treat them as you would your ad or website copy, and your website traffic numbers will thank you.

In what ways have you improved your meta descriptions to help SEO?